Dragon Ball Super Shares How Ultra Instinct’s Black and Silver States Differ

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Dragon Ball Super Shares How Ultra Instinct’s Black and Silver States Differ

Dragon Ball Super has definitely shaken things up with Goku’s evolution of Ultra Instinct as following the debut of a version of the form that keeps his hair black, the artist behind the manga has shared how this version of Ultra Instinct differs from the silver-haired version of the state. The Granolah the Survivor arc of the series has revealed a few different takes on Ultra Instinct as Goku continues to experiment and practice with the form to eventually craft a version of the state that’s unique to him. One of these variants resulted in an Ultra Instinct that kept his hair black, and it turns out there’s much more of a difference to this form than just the color. 

As Dragon Ball Super manga artist Toyotaro explained in a special interview with Dragon Ball’s official website (as translated by @DBSChronicles on Twitter), the black-haired Ultra Instinct is what Goku had chosen to use because he can’t maintain the silver one unless he’s calm. The black haired version of the state allows him to fully tap into his own “true” self and power, and it seems like it was a much better choice for the fight against Gas in the midst of all of his practice with the Ultra Instinct state. 

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“The reason why Goku ultimately chose to go with the black-haired form this time is because the silver-haired one cannot be maintained unless the mind remains calm,” Toyotaro explained. “With the black-haired one, he could show his true self and still use Ultra Instinct. So, he went for that transformation.” As the artist dove in further, this hair is a reflection of Goku’s better mastery of Ultra Instinct overall as he adapts it to his body, “I feel Goku is becoming more and more familiar with Ultra Instinct. Or rather, he’s making it more of his own.”

“Even if you don’t transform, like Whis, you can still be in a state of Ultra Instinct, so this is not a special state of being,” Toyotaro continued. “Rather, it would be ideal for one to be in a state of Ultra Instinct regardless of whether you’re asleep or awake. I think Goku is getting closer and closer to that level.” Finally, Toyotaro then explained that he feels it’s like Goku and Ultra Instinct are fusing more together, “This is not an unusual state, rather I imagine it as Goku’s mastery of Ultra Instinct slowly seeping into his own body. So, I feel his hair is returning to a style closer to Goku’s original one. That’s why, I have an image of him in black hair.” 


How do you feel about Goku’s black-haired Ultra Instinct form? What do you think Goku’s complete mastery of Ultra Instinct will ultimately look like? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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