How robots could be the answer to staff shortages

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How robots could be the answer to staff shortages

Robots in restaurants could be the partial answer to a staff shortage for the sector.That’s according to Paul Lenehan, president of the Restaurant Association of Ireland.He was speaking as one Japanese restaurant in Dublin is using a robotic waitress, called BellaBot. A BellaBot robot on display in Las Vegas in January 2020. Picture by: REUTERS / Alamy Stock PhotoBut Paul told The Hard Shoulder the approach has some problems.”A very novel idea and I think [a] genius marketing way to be able to do something different in your restaurant.”But I don’t think it’s the answer – nor would it solve the problem – of our shortages of staff in the country”.He says the pandemic means the sector has lost a lot of part-time workers.”We’ve lost a generation of 19/20-year-olds that would have come into us at part-time.”So that has certainly impacted us for our casual employees at weekends.”But overall staffing is an issue, especially in the chefing side of things.”Unfortunately a robot in the kitchen is certainly not going to work – whatever help a robot out on the restaurant floor would do”.However he believes the sector will have to muscle through the shortage.”It has been made a lot easier for us to get visas to bring staff in from abroad.”But certainty within Ireland itself, we are nearly at full employment – so people aren’t out there.”We just don’t have the staff there in the first place”.Main image: A service robot is seen in a Chinese restaurant in Germany in December 2019. Picture by: Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock PhotoRead More

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