‘I want you to get band 1, I don’t care’: Video of dad teaching daughter math rekindles memories of stress, Singapore News

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‘I want you to get band 1, I don’t care’: Video of dad teaching daughter math rekindles memories of stress, Singapore News

August 11, 2022published at 6:44 AMByShanmuga Prathaa

Being a student in Singapore can be a particularly stressful one, given our gruelling education system.

Which is why the idea of having one’s mum or dad help with one’s homework and to prepare for examinations is something many of us can identify with. 

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday (Aug 10) a user Ezthoughts shared a clip of their dad teaching their sister PSLE Mathematics, one which struck a cord with many netizens. 

In the video, the dad can be heard explaining a math problem to her daughter and saying “I want you to get band one, I don’t care”, while the girl can be seen with her hands on her face looking tired.

The video is captioned, “POV: Your sister is taking PSLE this year and your father is a math teacher”.

For some netizens, the video dug up memories of their own; the good, the bad, and the funny. 

One posted about how when their father taught them math they “cried so hard”, especially when it came to fractions while another said “tears ran down my face” every time their father taught them math too.


Although the video may seem to paint the dad in a negative light at first glance, Ezthoughts clarified in the comments that their father is actually an excellent teacher.

They claimed that their sister has been not been studying despite wanting to get into a top school, and that’s why their parents are pushing her. They also mentioned their sister is okay and did rest afterwards. 


The TikTok user also explained that their siblings “did really well for PSLE” and are grateful for having parents who care about their education.


One commenter also claimed that OP’s father had been their math teacher during primary school, and was “the best math teacher ever”, saying that they “were very grateful for his teaching”.

Math problems in PSLE papers have made the news on several occasions. Last year a challenging question left not only students, but parents crying. 

The question involving two characters, Helen and Ivan, about a kilogram of coins, spawned memes from netizens, organisations and influencers.

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