A pacifist alternative is preparing to throw the Polisario into the dustbin of History

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A pacifist alternative is preparing to throw the Polisario into the dustbin of History
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-22 at 18.47.26

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-22 at 18.47.26

The work of this International Conference for Peace and Security was marked by the appeal launched by chioukhs and notables of the Southern Provinces. They proclaimed loud and clear that the Polisario, despite its pretensions, is not the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi population, while the traditional elected representatives of the tribes and the sheikhs have demonstrated their ability to unite Sahrawi families finding both sides of the border.

The sheikhs also underlined that this conference is an appeal to the Sahrawi population to contribute to a peaceful solution to the conflict and recalled that the MSP put on the peaceful way and the dialogue for the resolution of the conflict. To this end, they launched an appeal to the international community encouraging it to consider the effective contribution of the MSP in the resolution of the Conflict.

The event was also marked by the presence of several guests and Spanish politicians, chioukh and notables from the Southern Provinces and certain Mauritanian figures.

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by the Mayor of Las Palmas Augusto Hidalgo, followed by a speech by the former speaker of parliament and former Minister of Defense Spaniard, José Bono, who highlighted the courage of the First Secretary of the MSP and his determination to organize a meeting for Sahrawi-Sahrawi dialogue. WhatsApp Image 2022-09-22 at 18.47.26 (1)

WhatsApp Picture 2022-09-22 at 18.47.26 (1)

José Bono expressed his admiration for Morocco, stating that it is the one and only country in the Arab world to establish an open model on promotion of human rights “under the leadership of a King who was able to put an end to the years lead “. It has to another side, highlighted the historical relations between Morocco and Spain, quoting the words of the late King Hassan II on dialogue and good neighborliness.

Processor Polisario’s intransigence, José Bono suggested that in politics, the winner is always the one who agrees to negotiate. He also denounced the infrahuman conditions in which the populations of the Tindouf camps live, affirming that the only victim of this conflict is the Sahrawi people.

Thereafter, the Mauritanian Mohamed Ahmed Val, representative of the “Unity and Developments Network” in Mauritania, exposed the historical relations between the Mauritanian tribes and those present in the Moroccan Sahara indicating that they form an unwavering bloc. The Mauritanian human rights expert promised to set himself up as the spokesperson for all Sahrawis who suffered violations of their rights by the Polisario.


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