“Special Envoy” of Thursday, September 22, 2022

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“Special Envoy” of Thursday, September 22, 2022

Each week, “Special Envoy” is at the heart of the news and receives an “embedded” guest with Elise Lucet. The magazine offers great reports, “human stories” and investigations, with the ambition of being even closer to the event and those who do it.

Incest: do not no longer keep quiet

One in ten French people have been the victim of incest, these sexual assaults committed within families. Over the past year, thousands of people, all over France, have come to testify before representatives of the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence Against Children (Ciivise). Exceptionally, “Special Envoy” was authorized to film one of these meetings, where victims of all generations testify.

You will discover the testimony of Magali, 27, who, in order to achieve to rebuild, filed a complaint against his brother after years of sexual assault. You will also hear the words of this mother whose child denounces touching imposed by his father, who nevertheless retains joint custody during the investigation. Finally, there are the words of Tatiana, 35, who managed to get justice after being raped for years by her stepfather. She denounces a psychologically and financially trying judicial journey, and today fights for real prevention in schools.

A document without commentary signed Alice Gauvin, Violaine Vermot-Gaud, Claire-Marie Denis and Marielle Krouk.

Guest: Edouard Durand, co-president of the Ciivise.

Optical fiber: frying on the line

No more telephone, TV or internet for months. Tangled or cut cables, holes in the partitions to and fro… the deployment of optical fiber in French homes is turning into a disaster. While the government promises fiber for everyone in 2025, this historic project entrusted to the operators is jammed: self-employed technicians trained anyhow because of excessive subcontracting, after-sales services overwhelmed, 15% to 20% of subscribers would be affected by a service malfunction. Some municipalities have taken the bull by the horns by locking access to street cabinets. A form of resistance is organized, for lack of regulation.

A report by Julien Duponchel, Sarah Lerch and Vincent Buchy.

These dead that Russia does not want to see

There is a region in Russia, on the borders of Siberia, which provides many soldiers sent fight in Ukraine. They enlist to escape poverty and often return in coffins. Report in Buryatia, where the anger of the families is rising against this war which they did not see coming.

A report by Virginie Vilar and Adrien Bellay.

Energy price: the Scottish shower

This is the northernmost land in the Kingdom United: Shetland, an archipelago in Scotland of 23,000 inhabitants swept by the winds, where the temperature rarely exceeds 13 degrees, even in summer. On these islands, we are already suffering the full force of the energy crisis: the price of fuel, electricity bills and the cost of living are exploding. So much so that some Shetlanders fear that they will soon have to choose between heating and eating. After the Queen, the deluge?

A report by Julien Fouchet, Clément Le Goff, Margaux Baltus, Perrine Bonnet, Colin Guillemant, Roméo Cristien.

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