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Scrabble provides 500 new phrases to its official dictionary


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In case you’re a Scrabble fan, you understand that sinking (or rage-inducing) feeling when a participant tries to persuade you that their contentious phrase counts.

Whether or not it’s a brand new phrase or slang, issues have the capability to get ugly actual fast.

One answer is to reference The Official Scrabble Gamers Dictionary, the Scrabble bible of kinds. And in step with the occasions, 500 new entries have been added within the newly launched seventh version – phrases like ‘deepfake’, ‘jedi’, ‘stan’, ‘subtweet’, ‘vax’ and ‘zedonk’.

And sure, ‘jedi’ doesn’t have to be capitalized, apparently. 

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Undecided what Lord Vader must say about that. Most likely one thing about being a part of the insurgent alliance and a traitor… As for ‘Yoda’, he’s not allowed.

Scandal that is.

The brand new Scrabble-approved phrases be a part of greater than 100,000 of two to eight letters.

Correct nouns like ‘Google’ and ‘Boricua’ can now be used; extra verb variations have made the minimize, resembling ‘adulted’, ‘adulting’, ‘verbed’, ‘verbing’, ‘atted’ and ‘atting’ (as in do not at me); and compound phrases are additionally on the rise with ‘deadname’, ‘pageview’ and ‘fintech’ added to the dictionary.

The e book was final up to date in 2018 via a longstanding partnership between Hasbro and Merriam-Webster.

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In an announcement, Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski stated the brand new additions to the dictionary give gamers a chance to “up their sport whereas celebrating the riches of the ever-expanding language.”

“English audio system prefer to have enjoyable with phrases, and nobody does it higher than Scrabble gamers, who make wonderful use of phrases each obscure and customary,” he stated.

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Listed below are a few of our favourites, with helpful definitions so that you stay down with the lingo.


An ambigram is a calligraphic design, a picture of a written phrase or a phrase that is ready to be oriented in both of two methods for viewing or studying. It additionally works with 180° rotational symmetry. As an example, as pictured beneath, the phrase ‘yeah’ and be learn each upright and the other way up.*

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Who has time to pronounce full phrases? This shortened model of ‘cute’ has made the minimize and can be utilized to say “OMG! He / She is totes adorbs!” … In case you’re whiter than Tilda Swinton in a snow storm and 13 years outdated, that’s.


A vacation taken with the first purpose of zig-a-zig-ah, because the Spice Women as soon as movingly warbled, and making a child. One other definition refers back to the vacation one can take earlier than the delivery of a kid. It may also be analogous to ‘honeymoon’ and discuss with a time period after delivery wherein the mom eschews contact with these exterior the nuclear household, to be able to give attention to herself and her new child.


This noun of endearment is for many who assume that two ‘b’s in a phrase is simply too rattling extreme. It’s the AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) pronunciation of ‘babe’ and a few say that it’s an acronym that stands for “earlier than anybody else”. You may as well use the plural ‘baes’. Simply don’t confuse it with the Danish ‘bæ’ which implies ‘poop’.

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Outing somebody’s private data on the web, together with actual identify, handle, cellphone quantity, bank card data and so on. ‘Doxed’ can be allowed, that means having that data found or revealed.


This refers to a misheard slip of the ear – a phrase or phrase that outcomes from a mishearing or misinterpretation of one other. For instance: “tow the road” as an alternative of “toe the road”.


Verb from The Simpsons that means to extend in measurement, using which makes you sound like a toddler dizzy on lemonade.


A haircut much like a Mohawk. This is without doubt one of the highest scoring newbies, as a consequence of these excessive point-scoring letters x and okay.


It’s this: $%!* #, ie: a sequence of typographical symbols used to switch phrases one doesn’t need to write for worry of offending those that do not need to learn the phrase ‘fuck’ or any of its declinations. For instance: ‘Will this $%!* # listing by no means finish?’


A respiratory method in yoga. In Sanskrit, ‘prana’ means life power and ‘yama’ means management. The follow of pranayama entails respiratory workout routines and patterns.


Extraordinarily muscular or an intimidating musculature, a time period used particularly to explain males. See additionally: ‘jacked’, ‘buff’, and ‘get-away-from-me-you-gym-freak’.


A variation on and alternative of the phrase ‘properly’, representing a pronunciation usually used to convey resignation, nonchalance or disappointment. It may also be used once you really feel helpless – on this case, it’s a mixture of the phrases ‘assist’ and ‘properly’.

Zonkey or Zedonk

These are a number of the highest scorers. It refers to a zebra-donkey hybrid animal. The distinction between ‘zonkey’ and ‘zedonk,’ you ask? A zonkey is sired from a male zebra and a feminine donkey. The parentage of a zedonk is the opposite manner round. Now you understand.

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